about us

We are a group of tour guides, musicians, show producers, entrepreneurs and of course…. huge Bossa Nova lovers. We decided to put all together and create this remarkable all-in-one experience WALKING TOUR  and also a GUITAR CLASS to keep the Bossa Nova music and history alive.

about the bossa nova

A Brazilian music style born in Rio in the 50s-60s, under the influence of samba, jazz and other international and local rhytms. Bossa Nova it’s the musical expression of Rio and Brasil during this period. Lyrics and melody playing the beauty of the city, love, passion, and nature became timeless. Most of the songs where composed and recorded within 20 years and barely no other songs were released since then. The music style was truly the reflection of a moment. An unique latent spirit  in Rio by that time.


Deliver a remarkable experience to visitors and locals; playing, singing and telling the Bossa Nova music and history while walking by scenic spots at Ipanema and Copacabana area. Show the magic and culture that lies on the streets, bars and every corner of Rio.


To be an unique reference as a picturesque experience becoming a ‘must do’ activity in Rio being able to make the Bossa Nova history and music more popular while  contributing to make Rio and Brasil a stronger destination for tourism.

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